Action on Empty Homes campaigns for empty homes to be brought into use for people in housing need

Our aims are to:
  1. Raise awareness of the waste of long-term empty homes.
  2. Campaign for changes to national policy.
  3. Support local communities in transforming their neighbourhoods.
  4. Provide advice for those seeking to bring empty homes back into use.
  5. Research and develop ideas for bringing long-term empty homes back into use for those in housing need.

What MPs thinkRead ComRes research on MPs attitudes to Empty Homes and the Housing Crisis here

Film from HuffPost:

To see how community-led organisations can bring empty homes back to use, with benefits for the whole community, see this recent HuffPost film featuring the great work of Canopy Housing in Leeds, creating homes from empty homes. In the film Action on Empty Homes also look at the wider picture and the issues which unite empty homes in high and lower value markets around the country: 

Annual Reports:

Annual Report and Accounts 2020

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