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See the NEW numbers in your area for 2020 - based on Government data published by MHCLG 11 Nov 2020 CLICK HERE FOR NEW DATA sorted by occurrence level for every local authority in England and showing the annual rise (levels of empty homes rose in 9 out of ten local authorities in England - for our media release click here)

To see the data ranked by change (rise or fall from the largest % rises to the biggest drops, at council level) CLICK HERE

Our commentary on the new Council Taxbase 2020 figure for Long-term empty homes, which shows a fourth consecutive year on year rise by a massive 42,540 to 268,385 is here.

Each year Action on Empty Homes analyses the Government’s official data on long-term empty homes, producing the only comprehensive analysis of this data.

This is published as a report entitled ‘Empty Homes in England’ - last year's 2019 edition can be downloaded here

For the numbers in your area for 2019 - based on Government data published Nov 2019 click here

To see what happened in your area in 2018 (two years ago) click here

You can read the our ComRes polling of MPs views about empty homes policy, published at the end of 2018 here

Government Statistics

Each year the government publishes data on vacant dwellings for each local authority and for England as a whole. This data is derived from local authority Council Taxbase data, which is a snapshot of the position in October each year.

To view the long-term empty homes data please go to table 615 vacant dwellings: you can access the latest Government statistical release from 11 November 2020 here

We summarise the (2019) data by region and county and include numbers, change and levels for each local authority here

In last year's Empty Homes in England 2019 report published Monday 23rd September 2019 we also look at the prevalence of homes classified as 'second homes' if you are interested in this data you can see the levels by local authority, regionally and nationally, here

We advise reading the notes that come with the data before using the statistics. From Monday 23rd September 2019 our new edition of Empty Homes in England will also be available to shed light on the data.

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