Action on Empty Homes focus on the 268,385 long-term empty homes in England and bringing them back into use for people in need of homes

Current Projects

We are developing a toolkit for community-led empty homes projects and working on tackling wealth investor ‘buy to leave’ in London. We are also building a national coalition to call for government investment in empty homes.


Author: Chris Bailey

Pretty Vacant

Our new report on why the next 500 high-rise towers in London won't end the capitals's housing crisis. And how they will make it worse.


Author: Chris Bailey

Our impact


120 local authorities take part in Empty Homes Week


Our campaign for the Government to fund schemes to bring empty homes into use was adopted. Between 2012 and 2015 over 9,000 new homes were created. We need this re-started


Council Tax can now be doubled on homes left two years empty. We campaigned against discounts for empty homes and support councils implementing new premiums

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Latest events

  • Public Meeting Playback Now Available: Empty Homes in the Alpha City

    What is happening to London's housing supply and what can we do about it? With Speakers: Rowland Atkinson, Rex McKenzie, Loretta Lees View it all on YouTube Channel Read more

  • What is Happening to Camden's Housing? Meeting online Tuesday 23rd March

    London housing development is driven by frantic corporate and wealth investment activity. New hi-rise blocks spring up but these are overwhelmingly private and often contain empty and underutilised flats. Meanwhile, council homes, which provide decent and affordable housing for those on low incomes, are slated for demolition or sell-offs across the capital. Action on Empty Homes London borough meetings explore housing pressure in the capital - Camden Meeting 23rd March 6.45pm Read more

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