Action on Empty Homes focus on the 237,340 long-term empty homes in England and bringing them back into use for people in need of homes
- with over 900,000 vacant homes in all, it's time for action

Current Projects

From our new toolkit for community-led empty homes projects to work tackling wealth investor ‘buy to leave’ and the Global Empty Homes Network; and a national coalition calling on Government to invest to save.


Author: Chris Bailey

Community Action on Empty Homes Toolkit

Our new Toolkit is designed to encourage partnerships between local councils and communities to bring empty homes back into use, to meet local housing needs.


Author: Chris Bailey

Our impact


120 local authorities take part in Empty Homes Week


Our campaign for the Government to fund schemes to bring empty homes into use was adopted. Between 2012 and 2015 over 9,000 new homes were created. We need this re-started


Council Tax can now be doubled on homes left two years empty. We campaigned against discounts for empty homes and support councils implementing new premiums

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Nobody's Home

Our latest report on London's housing crisis looks at how wealth investment fuels London's failed development model and locks Londoners out of decent affordable housing


Author: Chris Bailey

Latest events

  • Sign and share our Call to Action for retrofitting empty homes

    Action on Empty Homes have launched a Call to Action for the whole-house retrofitting of empty homes to tackle the climate and housing emergencies. Read more

  • Regulating Airbnb: Approaches from Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam

    Airbnb is having an impact all over the country, reducing the number of homes available for permanent residents, whether in desirable coastal and rural areas or the 1 in 50 homes in London. 'How have cities across Europe mitigated the impacts of Airbnb on housing markets? What can we learn from their experiences?' RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE ON YouTube Read more

  • Campaign Against Empty Homes Coalition Day of Action Oct 22

    The Campaign Against Empty Homes Coalition will be protesting against the waste of all empty homes from those left to rot, to those built to house nobody as Airbnb lets and lux party flats. From the city to the coast its time to start building for local needs not developer profits Read more

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