Action on Empty Homes focus on the 238,306 long-term empty homes in England and bringing them back into use for people in need of homes

Current Projects

From our new toolkit for community-led empty homes projects to work tackling wealth investor ‘buy to leave’ and the Global Empty Homes Network; and a national coalition calling on Government to invest to save.


Author: Chris Bailey

Community Action on Empty Homes Toolkit

Our new Toolkit is designed to encourage partnerships between local councils and communities to bring empty homes back into use, to meet local housing needs.


Author: Chris Bailey

Our impact


120 local authorities take part in Empty Homes Week


Our campaign for the Government to fund schemes to bring empty homes into use was adopted. Between 2012 and 2015 over 9,000 new homes were created. We need this re-started


Council Tax can now be doubled on homes left two years empty. We campaigned against discounts for empty homes and support councils implementing new premiums

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Nobody's Home

Our new report on London's housing crisis looks at how wealth investment fuels London's failed development model and locks Londoners out of decent affordable housing


Author: Chris Bailey

Latest events

  • Cities, mobile capital and housing vacancy: Online Event

    Cities, mobile capital and housing vacancy - Global Empty Homes Network event: Playback of discussion now available Read more

  • Why is vacancy and under-utilisation of housing growing in Greater Manchester when the region faces a housing crisis?

    Empty homes numbers are growing across Greater Manchester. In the City 'second home' numbers rose tenfold in a decade. Why is this happening at the time of an acute housing crisis ? Chris Bailey - Action on Empty Homes author of 'Empty Homes in England'; Dr. Richard Goulding, co-author of ‘From Homes to Assets Housing financialisation in Greater Manchester'; Dr. Luke Yates, author of ‘The Airbnb 'movement' for deregulation’ Read more

  • Climate crisis, the global property bubble and vacant homes – online event: PLAYBACK NOW AVAILABLE

    Global Empty Homes Network online event on the links between empty homes and the climate crisis during the COP26 climate conference. ‘Climate crisis, the global property bubble and vacant homes’ was streamed live on Monday 8 November. PLAYBACK NOW AVAILABLE Read more

Latest stories

  • We can’t avoid talking about corruption and the opacity of ownership

    If we want to talk about the housing affordability crisis in global cities, then we can’t avoid talking about corruption and the opacity of ownership as well. Read more

  • Global Empty Homes Network grows

    The Global Empty Homes Network has been growing and accumulating relevant expertise from the third sector, academia, empty homes policy practitioners, and more from across the world. Read more

  • What is MPIM and Why have so few heard of it?

    The MIPIM conference in Cannes is, in the words of its organisers, ‘the world’s leading property market’, bringing together ‘the most influential players from all property sectors’. Frank Gavurin asks why have so few heard of it? Read more