Action on Empty Homes focus on the 250,000 long-term empty homes in England and bringing them back into use for people in need of homes
- with over 900,000 vacant homes in all, it's time for action

Current Projects

From our Retrofit Call to Action and toolkit for community-led empty homes projects to work tackling wealth investor ‘buy to leave’ and the Global Empty Homes Network; plus national coalitions the Campaign Against Empty Homes and Better Planning Coalition


Author: Chris Bailey

Community Action on Empty Homes Toolkit

Our new Toolkit is designed to encourage partnerships between local councils and communities to bring empty homes back into use, to meet local housing needs.


Author: Chris Bailey

Our impact


120 local authorities take part in Empty Homes Week


Our campaign for the Government to fund schemes to bring empty homes into use was adopted. Between 2012 and 2015 over 9,000 new homes were created. We need this re-started


Council Tax can be doubled on empty homes. New proposals impose this at 12 months and will allow councils to double tax on unused '2nd homes' too. We campaigned against discounts for empties and 2nd homes and support tougher powers for councils

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Nobody's Home

Our latest report on London's housing crisis looks at how wealth investment fuels London's failed development model and locks Londoners out of decent affordable housing


Author: Chris Bailey

Latest events

  • Regulating Airbnb: Approaches from Berlin, Barcelona and Amsterdam

    Airbnb is having an impact all over the country, reducing the number of homes available for permanent residents, whether in desirable coastal and rural areas or the 1 in 50 homes in London. 'How have cities across Europe mitigated the impacts of Airbnb on housing markets? What can we learn from their experiences?' RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE ON YouTube Read more

  • Consequences of growth of short-term lets in Bristol: Manchester & New York perspectives. Online Roundtable. RECORDING AVAILABLE ONLINE

    The impacts of short-term lets in cities like Manchester and New York show they are associated with neighbourhood gentrification, community displacement and skyrocketing rents. Our livestreamed roundtable discussion explores what these impacts may be in Bristol and what can be done. WATCH ONLINE NOW Read more

  • Bristol October 3rd Public Meeting on Airbnb and Short Lets

    A public meeting of local campaigners, councillors and housing activists to discuss action to combat the rise of short lets and Airbnb in Bristol Read more

Latest stories

  • Community Action is gaining ground

    Brighid Carey updates us on AEH's work to support community-led action on empty homes and the positive reception for our Community Action Toolkit by communities and from politicians across the political spectrum. Read more

  • Empty Homes Community Action Partnerships - Reading shows the way

    Brighid Carey explains a new collaborative approach to bringing empty homes into use – led by communities working in partnership with a range of stakeholders and with empty homeowners to deliver affordable housing for local people. Read more

  • Empty Homes Week 2022 showed the need for action and investment

    Across the country Empty Homes Week 2022 saw councils showcase innovation as national voices called on Government to invest in the wasted opportunity empty homes represent - in order to expand housing supply and meet NetZero and energy price-rise challenges. Read more