There are 250,000 long-term empty homes in England. 
There are over 250,000 people in need of homes. 
It's time for Action on Empty Homes.

Empty Homes: how they can help us reach net zero

Empty Homes have a valuable role to play in England's target to reach Net Zero. Here we explain insights from Action on Empty Homes' REHAP study which highlights how empty homes can go some way in supporting our drive towards Net Zero.


Author: Rebecca Moore

Empty Homes Data

Government publish data on vacant dwellings for each local authority and for England as a whole. Action on Empty Homes publishes the most authoritative guide to empty homes data and each year we analyse the official data on long-term empty homes, producing the only comprehensive analysis of this data.



Current Projects

From our Retrofit Call to Action and toolkit for community-led empty homes projects to work tackling wealth investor ‘buy to leave’ and the Global Empty Homes Network; plus national coalitions the Campaign Against Empty Homes and Better Planning Coalition


Author: Chris Bailey

Take Action

Action on Empty Homes wants to work with all those who aim to tackle the problem of empty homes across England. Whether you want to become a local contact, volunteer in the national office, or invite a speaker to your community group, please get in touch!



Our impact


120 local authorities take part in Empty Homes Week


Between 2012 and 2015 over 9,000 new homes were created thanks to our campaign for the Government to fund schemes to bring empty homes into use. We need this re-started.


Council Tax can be doubled on empty homes. New proposals impose this at 12 months and will allow councils to double tax on unused '2nd homes' too. We campaigned against discounts for empties and 2nd homes and support tougher powers for councils

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