The latest Government data shows over 226,000 properties in England have stood empty for more than six months. We analyse official data and research effective solutions, producing the only comprehensive analysis.

Latest Publications

You can download our latest publications here. These include 'Pretty Vacant' our new report April 2020 report on London's housing crisis and it's sister publication from our London wealth investment project, 'Homes Without Residents' (Jan 2020),  'Empty Homes in England 2019' published 23rd September 2019 (prior to the latest rise in numbers announced at the end of 2019), our comprehensive annual analysis of Government data; and the final report on our three-year programme of work with community housing providers 'Community action on empty homes - Using empty homes to regenerate communities' (published May 2019).

The first phase report on this programme is also available entitled 'Community-based approaches in areas with high levels of empty homes'.

Empty Homes in England - a comprehensive analysis of the empty homes problem is England:

Each year we publish a Report entitled Empty Homes in England. This is the only comprehensive independent analysis of Government's annual figures on empty homes. The 2019 edition was published on Monday 23rd September 2019 and is available here for free download.

For the latest analysis of new figures as Government publishes these, see our media releases, here

You can read ComRes polling of MPs views about empty homes and the national housing crisis here

Types of publications:

We produce four types of publications:

1) Campaign publications which advocate for policy responses to end the waste of empty homes, for example: the work of the Coalition for Community Investment

2) Research and analysis on the empty homes issue: This includes our annual analysis of official Government data on empty homes, 'Empty Homes in England'

For the latest official data on empty homes number in local authorities in England click here

We also publish reports examing regional and local aspects of the issue and the factors underlying these, for example our 2016 report, based on our research with local authorities and communities ‘Empty Homes: Why do some areas have higher levels’  and the new report from our investigation into London housing and wealth investment 'Homes Without Residents' (Jan 2020)

3) Project reports on practical solutions to the problem of empty homes such as 'Community action on empty homes - Using empty homes to regenerate communities'. and  'Community-based approaches in areas with high levels of empty homes'.

Or 'Affordable homes from empty commercial spaces'.

4) Toolkits to support those working in the field - the latest of these is our 2019 'Legal Toolkit: How to use the law to best effect to get empty homes back into use: a short guide on the legal options available to local authorities'

The Action on Empty Homes Legal Toolkit was produced with support from Devonshires.

Current publications:




Media enquiries:

For comment on our research or further information on the waste of empty homes, the solutions and our campaigns please click here - you can also access recent press releases and contact details via this link