Brighid Carey, AEH Consultancy and Projects Manager, introduces the new Toolkit:

In this Toolkit we aim to guide local authorities and communities working together through the process of bringing empty homes into use, to deliver affordable housing for local people. We highlight the opportunity for new conversations and new ways of thinking, building creative partnerships to deliver lasting change. 
  • To download the Toolkit for printing (or viewing) as single A4 pages CLICK HERE

Communities understand the impact of empty homes for them, the opportunities for work experience and training during renovation, and the value of delivering community homes from homes currently standing empty. We have seen how effectively they work together and with partners.

In 2019, an AEH survey showed that although 94% of local authorities reported reliance on case work to return empty homes to use, 84% of those that responded were interested in and saw the value of collaborating with local communities. They just didn’t know how to go about it.  

The Community Action on Empty Homes Toolkit is intended to be used in collaboration, within local authorities and communities, and between local authorities and communities. It is a resource to support joint action and to establish communities as leading actors at the centre of local initiatives with local authorities playing a key enabling role.

We will be sharing the AEH Community Action on Empty Homes Toolkit and promoting it as best practice through:
  • Regional events and workshops - download details of launch events around the country here
  • Local government and political party conferences
  • Parliamentary awareness
  • The Empty Homes Network
  • Community networks
You can download the Toolkit now!  

On a personal note and from AEH, many thanks are extended to the members of the ‘Reference Group’ made up of representatives from community organisations and local authorities who provided invaluable feedback and support during the development of the ‘Community Action on Empty Homes Toolkit’. Thank you!

AEH also wishes to thank the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, without whose invaluable support this work would not be possible

Download the Toolkit for viewing as two page 'spreads' CLICK HERE
Download the Toolkit for printing (or viewing) as single A4 pages CLICK HERE

For further details or assistance please contact Brighid[dot][email protected]