Global Empty Homes Network Launches in UK, USA and Australia with call for worldwide housing protections during Covid Crisis

Action on Empty Homes, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), and Prosper Australia, announce launch of the Global Empty Homes Network (GEHN). The three organizations, based in the UK, the US, and Australia will focus particularly on the mismatch between growing empty homes numbers and increasing housing need. Read more

New Estatewatch website shows how London's Council Housing is under threat

The new Estatewatch website created by London Tenants Federation, Just Space and Prof Loretta Lees is live at at http://EstateWatch.London Read more

Alpha City - New book: How London was bought and sold by the Super-Rich & what it means for the rest of us

Landmark book from Rowland Atkinson a contributor to our 'Pretty Vacant' report. A history of London's property boom economy. A story of eager developers, sovereign wealth and grasping politicians. He argues the consequences are brutal expulsion of the urban poor, austerity, cuts, demolitions, and a catalogue of social injustices. Read more

Where are Haringey's Second Homes?

Why is Haringey the only council in the country not submitting crucial housing data to the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government? Read more

Pretty Vacant: Our latest report on London's housing crisis

New report reveals why the next 500 high rise towers won’t end London’s housing crisis and the Government action needed. Read more

Coronavirus: How England's half a million empty homes can help the NHS - A Three Point Plan

We call on Government to adopt a 3 Point ‘Empty Homes Coronavirus Action Plan’ to meet the Coronavirus National Emergency. Govt data shows 226,000 long-term empty homes, 253,000 second homes in England; and 100,000 Airbnb lets standing empty all over the country. While many health workers are desperate for accommodation near their workplaces. Read more

Homes Without Residents - new report

Our London housing project looks at 'buy to leave' and the impact of wealth investment in residential property. Raising critical questions over 100,000 London homes sucked out of residential supply, the role of Airbnb and so-called 'second homes'. Includes international survey of policy responses. Read more

'Not the right housing'

Increase in long-term empties discredits rise in house building, says Action on Empty Homes, as London empty homes numbers rise to 25,000. Speculation mounts that unsold newbuild is contributing as Hounslow tops national figures with 158% rise. Read more

Housing Campaigners meet to discuss 'Buy-to-Leave' in London

Oct 17th saw Action on Empty Homes hold a campaign meeting for local housing activists on 'buy to leave' and wealth investment in London residential property Read more

Empty Homes England 2019 is available now

Our new annual report on the state of the empty homes problem in England reports the second consecutive annual increase in numbers to over 216,000 and the fastest rise in a decade Read more

National Empty Homes Week 2019 Sept 23rd - 29th

This year the housing crisis has intensified as long-term empty homes numbers rose by nearly 11,000 to over 216,000 focusing public attention on the problem Read more

Great Places Commission Report seeks investment and end to auction disposals of Social Homes

National Housing Federation's eagerly-anticipated report recommends how we create great places to live. Topping list are investment, national Landlords register, community assets and an end to auction sell-offs of social homes. Read more

Why 'affordable' homes in Derby are standing empty

Homes stand empty after housing associations reject new build homes that do not meet social housing space standards Read more

Bethnal Green home left empty for months awaiting auction sell-off to go to homeless family

Bethnal Green home left empty for months while Peabody attempted auction sell-offs is now to house a homeless family after a successful campaign led by local activists and backed by Action on Empty Homes. Read more

Bradford has over 4,000 long-term empty homes report Big Issue

In a story headlined 'Empty Promises' the Big Issue North reports on Bradford's 4,000 plus empty homes. While nearly 16,000 languish on council waiting lists and action has been taken on less than 100 Read more

Grisly discovery halts auction sell-off

Grisly discovery of body in Islington bin may show role of empty homes and poorly managed property in local social breakdown Read more

York labelled city in housing crisis as new administration takes reins

Agenda setting front page York article on near 50% rise in empty homes, as new administration takes shape at local council following May 2019 local elections Read more

London Mayoral hopeful calls for more action on empty homes

Conservative candidate for London Mayor promises empties action Read more

Amsterdam ponders buy to let ban

News from the Netherlands on a proposal to ban buy to let Read more