Airbnb Regulation or Deregulation DEADLINE to decide...RESPOND TO GOVERNMENT NOW!

Currently there are no controls on Airbnb in England. This is your chance to respond to two Government consultations that offer some hope of regulating Airbnb. This is your chance to respond by 7th June 2023. Read more

National Empty Homes Week 2023

Every year National Empty Homes Week provides a focus for local initiatives to bring empty homes back into use. Across the country, councils use the Week to promote advice, assistance and enforcement at local level and to showcase the work of empty homes officers. Read more

Tax Haven Money in London Property Report and Key Findings

The Wealth Chain Project led by Dr Rex McKenzie, based at Kingston University, investigates the influence of tax haven money on inequality in London today and examines how this undermines confidence in local democracy. Read more

Wealth Investment and Impact on Access to Housing in London

Phase Three of our London Housing Access project asks Londoners what a 'fair development policy' to deliver the housing London needs would look like; and continues to examine how wealth investment strategies distort London housing delivery. Read more

The Retrofit Challenge and COP 27

This page is where you'll find links to our latest work on the retrofit challenge represented by Britain's aging and poorly insulated housing. To meet NetZero commitments we urgently need a national retrofit strategy. Empty homes are a great place to start. Read more

Quick & Easy Response Guide For Short Lets Consultation

Amid growing calls for controls on Airbnb and short-lets sucking housing out of residential use, the Government is consulting on a registration scheme. We suggest you respond by email (suggested template) Read more

Government Short Lets Consultation - DEADLINE TO RESPOND 21st Sept!

Amid growing calls for controls on Airbnb style short-lets sucking housing out of residential use the Government is conducting a 'Call for Evidence' consultation on a registration scheme - it might look like Airbnb wrote it but we suggest you respond detailing local impacts Read more

Nobody's Home

Our latest report on London's housing crisis looks at how wealth investment fuels London's failed development model and locks Londoners out of decent affordable housing Read more

Community Action on Empty Homes Toolkit

Our new Toolkit is designed to encourage partnerships between local councils and communities to bring empty homes back into use, to meet local housing needs. Read more

Pretty Vacant

Our new report on why the next 500 high-rise towers in London won't end the capitals's housing crisis. And how they will make it worse. Read more

London empty homes mapped

An interactive map showing London's empty homes by Borough alongside the costs of accommodation for homeless Londoners Read more

Coalition for Community Investment

Cross-sector coalition calling for Government investment led by Action on Empty Homes supported by Locality, Shelter, Crisis, Residential Landlords Association, Propertymark, National Housing Federation, Northern Housing Consortium, Federation of Master Builders, National Community Land Trust Network Read more

Contact us

Email: info [@] For Media enquiries contact: Chris Bailey on [+44] *7979 647 237 Chris Bailey, Campaigns Manager: chris.bailey [@] Brighid Carey, Consultancy and Projects Manager: 07578 566663 [email protected] Action on Empty Homes 200 A Pentonville Road Kings Cross, London, N1 9JP Read more

Current Projects

From our Retrofit Call to Action and toolkit for community-led empty homes projects to work tackling wealth investor ‘buy to leave’ and the Global Empty Homes Network; plus national coalitions the Campaign Against Empty Homes and Better Planning Coalition Read more


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We have always welcomed volunteers who are willing to give up some of their own time to help us. Whether you want to help with media campaigns, local action or policy and research – get in touch for a discussion. Read more

Take Action

Action on Empty Homes wants to work with all those who aim to tackle the problem of empty homes across England. Whether you want to become a local contact, volunteer in the national office, or invite a speaker to your community group, please get in touch! Read more


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Best practice resources

As well as reports on our work with community-based demonstration projects, bringing empty homes into use, this area will feature our upcoming Best Practise Toolkits. These will include a Legal Toolkit for local authority officers, a Community Action Toolkit and links to sources of advice. Read more

Consultancy and Training

Our expertise can help local authorities and community groups find solutions to empty homes in local communities. Read more