Community Action Toolkit

Our Community Action Toolkit will offer advice on how to take action both with respect to individual problem properties (what are sometimes called 'bad teeth' empty homes), localised clusters and communities becoming blighted by concentrations of empty homes where whole neighbourhoods are negatively impacted by the high level of empty homes.

In advance of the publication of this community action toolkit, those needing advice or wishing to campaign for local action should contact Action on Empty Homes at [email protected] or get in touch with a member of our team

Supporting local authority action

Our upcoming Local Authority Legal Toolkit, supported by pro bono work from Devonshires, offers a comprehensive appraisal of the various enforcement measures available to local council officers seeking to take action on empty homes.

The Toolkit includes case studies of how the various legal and enforcement powers can be utilised. These range from action against unsafe structures to measures to deal with insecure property encouraging anti-social behaviours and vermin infestations. This comprehensive toolkit also includes Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMOs), Compulsory Purchase Orders and coverage of how to achieve enforced sales.

Building the case for communities

We have produced our first report which shares progress from the demonstration projects and some early learning, our second report on the whole three year projects summarises learning and best practice from across the whole three-year project and produces a series of recommendations for action. This was published on May 2nd 2019.

Download the reports by clicking the link or document images above.

For more information, please contact:

Brighid Carey    Project Manager

email: [email protected]

As well as reports on our work with community-based demonstration projects, bringing empty homes into use, this area will feature our upcoming Best Practise Toolkits.

These will include a Toolkit for local authority officers, a Community Toolkit and links to sources of advice.