How do I find the owner of an abandoned property?

Whilst Action on Empty Homes does not have the capacity to assist individuals or property developers in locating the owners of empty properties, there are a number of ways in which the owner may be located:

• Ask the neighbours – a lot of neighbours may know who owns the property in question and they may have details of how to get in touch with them. They may also be able to provide confirmation as to whether the property is actually occupied or not.

• If the neighbours are unsure if the property is occupied or do not have a way to contact the owner, then consider dropping a note through the door asking them to get in touch with you.

• For a small fee you can consult the Land Registry to find out if the property is registered and if so who owns the particular property. You can also confirm things like the boundaries of the land and anyone who may have a financial interest in the property, such as a mortgagee. The Land Registry can be accessed via the web link:

• Local Authority – the housing departments or empty homes team at the relevant local authority may be aware of the owner and be able to help put you in contact with them.

• Detective or tracing agency – could be engaged in order to try and trace the owner or monitor the property for any activity.

• Neighbourhood Watch: if the property is part of a local Neighbourhood Watch area, you may be able to ask local residents if they have seen any signs of activity at the house.

• Check the Electoral register – if the owner of the property is registered to vote they will be registered on the Electoral Register.