The launch of a new report by Dr Rex McKenzie of Kingston University as part of his Wealth Chains Project (which is funded by Trust For London)

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The findings focus on the influence of tax haven money in London’s real estate.

Key findings focus on:

The size and impact of capital flowing from tax havens into London's residential property market.

The influence of Britain’s imperial legacy on the reality of inequality for Londoners today 

The role of Britain's imperial legacy in shaping the geography of housing and development in London today.

The launch event includes a conversation between Dr McKenzie and Prof Rowland Atkinson of Sheffield University (author of 'Alpha City: How London was captured by the super-rich').

You can watch the recording of the launch event discussion on YouTube here

You can download the report here or at

Researchers and economists attending to input into the discussion, include:

Dr. Rex McKenzie

Assistant Professor and Senior Researcher

Kingston University


Dr. Mayanka Mukherji

Research Fellow

London School of Economics and Political Science


Dr. Samuel Stein

Housing Policy Analyst

Community Service Society of New York


Professor Rowland Atkinson

Research Chair in Inclusive Societies

University of Sheffield


Chris Bailey

Campaigns Manager

Action on Empty Homes


The discussion was introduced by Will McMahon, Director, Action on Empty Homes

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