Action on Empty Homes' four key projects:

London buy-to-leave and wealth investment

Our London 'Buy to Leave' and wealth investment project is about London homes that aren't housing anyone. Our starting point was to look at the thousands of London properties bought by investors, who leave them empty to store wealth or to sell-on at a profit. In the second half of 2019, we have been holding a series of public consultation events on what the GLA and the Government should be doing to stop this practice and how this relates to other categories of under-utilised property and homes without residents in London, from so-called 'second homes' to homes used primarily for Airbnb rental. 

Community Action on Empty Homes toolkit

We are developing a toolkit resource for local authorities and community groups, to support community-led approaches to bringing empty homes into use as affordable housing for local people. See more in our blog on the projects initial stages.

The Coalition for Community Investment

The Coalition for Community Investment wants Government to champion community-based neighbourhood regeneration through investment to fund improvements to the existing empty housing stock.

Empty Homes in England

Our annual publication with analysis and data that gives the full picture of the national empty homes problem.

If you want to financially support or get involved in any of these projects then please get in touch