Empty Homes Numbers Rise AGAIN In Every Region as Homelessness Peaks, November 2023 Government Data Shows

The latest Government Data on empty homes shows numbers up in every region despite an intense homelessness crisis. How can it be that homelessness and numbers of homes out of use are both at record levels? We analyse the data in every council area and region and call for new and better policies. Read more

Housing Numbers Matter - Statistics Regulator Agrees with Concerns about Misleading Government Release

Housing isn't all about numbers but we hear a lot about shortages of supply and unbuilt planning permissions. In empty homes work numbers do matter - we recently wrote to the Statistics Regulator about how the Government was displaying these statistics in a misleading manner and they agreed with us... Read more

Government Consultation on Registration System for Airbnbs and Short Lets

This is the second Government Consultation on Short Lets or Airbnbs - the deadline was 7th June 2023 - we need a robust, compulsory system to sit alongside the proposed new planning use class and platforms must be compelled to share data with local councils. Read more

Government Airbnb Consultations LATEST UPDATES

How to respond to two current Government Consultations on new powers to regulate Short Lets and Airbnb - one is on registration and licensing and one on a new planning use class for short lets that take homes out of residential use. Respond by 7th June 2023 Read more

Wales follows Scotland to create National Empty Homes Programme as England’s empties continue to pile up

Jack Portman looks at Wales new National Empty Homes Programme and asks whether the rest of the UK is leaving England behind on housing policy, as vacancy levels in England continue to rise amidst an intense housing crisis. Read more

National Empty Homes Week 2023 sees call for action on One Million homes nobody lives in

TODAY there are over 1 million homes in England with no residents. New powers and investment are needed. Action should start with long-term empties and unused second homes Read more

Action on Short Lets Campaign Calls for new Council Powers to Refuse Airbnbs

Campaigners are calling on Government to offer communities the power to limit short lets and stop Airbnb sucking homes out of residential use Read more

JOB AD: We are looking for a new Director

Want to lead a campaign challenging the way the current housing investment model drives up numbers of long-term empties, underutilised short-lets, 2nd homes and buy-to-leave empty wealth investments? If so this is the job for you... Read more

Second homes debate hots up as Conservative backbenchers call for action on housing crisis

Across the country councils and MPs are calling for Government action as a second homes and Airbnb explosion sucks housing out of residential use and pushes rents and houseprices beyond the pockets of local residents Read more

Government Proposes New Empty Homes and Second Homes Tax Powers - but is taxation enough?

The Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill published 11th May offers councils new powers to increase tax on empties after a year and double Council Tax on unused 'second homes'. But is this enough? Read more

Our Pretty Vacant Manchester report asks is Manchester Building 'The Wrong Housing'

Action on Empty Homes new report supported by the Evan Cornish Foundation reports on work to examine vacancy levels and housing policy in Manchester and asks questions about the City's 'hidden empties', its persistently high level of so-called 'second homes' and the impact of Airbnb on access to housing. Read more

Ask your local candidates to Sign up to the Campaign Against Empty Homes Local Election Manifesto

The Campaign Against Empty Homes is supported by Action on Empty Homes The Big Issue Disabled People Against Cuts Fuel Poverty Action The Green Party Homes for All Labour Homelessness Campaign London Renters’ Rights Peace & Justice Project Radical Housing Network Social Housing Action Campaign Southwark Defend Council Housing Streets Kitchen Street Storage Unite Community London and South East Unite the Union London and Eastern Region Read more

In Empty Homes Week 2022 we call for action and investment

In Empty Homes Week 2022 we explain the areas of policy that fail our homeless and families in need of genuinely affordable housing. Empty homes have two roles in this they can house the homeless and they can show us where housing policy fails by building 'The Wrong Housing' to end the Housing Crisis Read more

Future proofing: Use Empty Homes Week 2022 to explore retrofitting while renovating

Empty Homes Week 2022 takes place from Monday February 28th to Sunday March 6th. Brighid Carey, AEH Consultancy and Projects Manager says we should all use the focus it offers to explore retrofitting while renovating and bringing empty homes back into use Read more

News coverage highlights second homes numbers rising as thousands flip to business rates

Recent media coverage focused on so-called 'second homes' flipping to business rates to avoid paying council tax and how this adds to local housing pressures as homes disappear from residential supply Read more

Big Issue founder Lord Bird backs Campaign Against Empty Homes Day of Action Oct 9th

John Bird founder of The Big Issue explains why he is backing the Campaign Against Empty Homes and the Day of Action on October 9th "Let’s fill those empty homes," Lord Bird says "The phrase ‘no brainer’ might have been invented for this" Read more

Campaign Against Empty Homes - Social Media Downloads Available

The Campaign Against Empty Homes is a coalition of organisations dedicated to ensuring wasted empty homes are brought into use and that new homes are built to meet local needs first. Read more

October 9th 2021 Day of Action - We are in a climate, health and housing emergency!

On Saturday 9th October 2021 the Campaign Against Empty Homes, a coalition Action on Empty Homes is part of, held a national Day of Action to highlight the waste of empty homes across England. You can watch it on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/JpnSAtEDZS4 Read more

Global Empty Homes Network sees progress and launches MIPIM 'shadow' event

In early September 2021 the Global Empty Homes Network held an online event alongside the MIPIM real estate conference in Cannes. Title Mobile Capital and Housing Vacancy it looked at how vacancy is built into the 'MPIM development model'. Read more

What is happening to London's Housing? Borough Meeting Resources and Presentations

In Spring 2021, Action on Empty Homes hosted London borough meetings to ask why the new high-rise blocks we see springing up all around us are not reducing the numbers in temporary accommodation? See info from the Camden, Haringey, Southwark, Hackney and Brent meetings Read more

National Empty Homes Week 2021 starts with call for action on massive rise in empties

National Empty Homes Week 15 – 21 Feb: Action on Empty Homes calls for Government action on escalating numbers of long-term empties . Numbers rose in 9 out of ten council areas. The 42,540 rise in 2020 was the fourth successive annual rise in numbers, but larger than the previous three years’ rises combined. Read more

Metro features powerful examination of rising empty homes numbers as housing crisis worsens amid pandemic pressures

National daily Metro put rising numbers of wasted empty homes in the context of the wider housing crisis and the plight of those at the sharp end. The paper spoke to us about how empties and homelessness are both rising. Read more

Massive 20% rise in empty homes up over 42,000 to 268,385 while 100,000 families are stuck in Temporary Accommodation

Government data released today shows a massive year on year rise of over 42,000 to a total of 268,385 long-term empty homes in England, as nearly 100,000 families languish in temporary accommodation. This is the biggest rise since current records began. Read more

Global Empty Homes Network Launches in UK, USA and Australia with call for worldwide housing protections during Covid Crisis

Action on Empty Homes, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), and Prosper Australia, announce launch of the Global Empty Homes Network (GEHN). The three organizations, based in the UK, the US, and Australia will focus particularly on the mismatch between growing empty homes numbers and increasing housing need. Read more