Public Meeting Playback Now Available: Empty Homes in the Alpha City

What is happening to London's housing supply and what can we do about it? With Speakers: Rowland Atkinson, Rex McKenzie, Loretta Lees View it all on YouTube Channel Read more

Cities, mobile capital and housing vacancy: Online Event

Cities, mobile capital and housing vacancy - Global Empty Homes Network event: Playback of discussion now available Read more

Sign our Call to Action for a Retrofit Revolution

Centralised approaches alone cannot deliver zero-emission affordable housing or reverse the tide of fuel poverty. We also need local solutions. Action on Empty Homes convened an expert panel to ignite our Call to Action for a Retrofit Revolution. Event playback is now available on Youtube. Read more

Why is vacancy and under-utilisation of housing growing in Greater Manchester when the region faces a housing crisis?

Empty homes numbers are growing across Greater Manchester. In the City 'second home' numbers rose tenfold in a decade. Why is this happening at the time of an acute housing crisis ? Chris Bailey - Action on Empty Homes author of 'Empty Homes in England'; Dr. Richard Goulding, co-author of ‘From Homes to Assets Housing financialisation in Greater Manchester'; Dr. Luke Yates, author of ‘The Airbnb 'movement' for deregulation’ Read more