The Campaign Against Empty Homes is a coalition of organisations dedicated to ensuring wasted empty homes are brought into use and that new homes are built to meet local needs first.

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The campaign will call on candidates, councillors and MPs to back our campaign to ensure housing is used and built to meet local needs first.

For more information or to join the Campaign either personally or on behalf of your organisation or community group email [email protected]

To see how you can get involved in the National Day of Action on October 9th visit the Day of Action page here

To help our work with the Campaign on Empty Homes for the 9th October Day of Action make a donation to Action on Empty Homes to help us cover our costs.

£10 pays for us to send a local supporter posters for the day of Action - could you use some of these, or help us deliver more to other supporters?

As the saying goes, every little helps...

Action on Empty Homes does not receive any ongoing funding from the government and is totally reliant upon the generosity of individuals and funders to further its work.

If you would like to take out a monthly or quarterly standing order you can Giftaid this if you pay tax. You might be able to give £2, £5 or £10 a month, or more. Whatever you give will really help us develop our campaigning work. 

Whether you make a one-off donation or a regular monthly payment, we will put your donation to work by relentlessly campaigning to get empty homes put back into use for people who really need them.

Campaign Supporters Include:

Action on Empty Homes
■ The Big Issue
■ Defend Council Housing
■ Disabled People Against Cuts
■ Fuel Poverty Action
■ Greater Manchester Housing Action
■ Homes for All
■ Labour Homelessness Campaign
■ People Before Profit
■ Radical Housing Network
■ Renters’ Rights London
■ Social Housing Action Campaign
■ Streets Kitchen
■ Street Storage
■ Unite Union London and South East and
London Region
■ Unite Community London and Eastern
■ Yes to Fair Redevelopment

The Campaign's October 9th Day of Action leaflet is available if you click here

More info on the October 9th Day of Action webpage here