Local authority assistance with empty homes

For many empty homes related matters the best approach is to contact your local authority (or local council). Many local authorities have an empty homes strategy which sets out the action they take to tackle empty homes in their areas. You can ask for a copy or see the information they put on their website.

Many local authorities have empty homes teams or staff who specialise in providing advice to owners of empty homes to help ensure they bring them back into use. These Officers can also assist you if an empty home in your area is causing a nuisance or negatively impacting your own home or living conditions (for example through dereliction, becoming a magnet for crime or anti-social behaviour, or through infestation with vermin or even over-grown shrubs or greenery on your boundaries). 

If you are an owner of an empty home or you are just concerned about empty homes in your area, we encourage you to contact them. They can also advise you on any funding or grants you may be eligible for, as well as any local schemes they are running to get empty properties back into use.