London housing development is driven by frantic corporate and wealth investment activity.

New high-rise blocks have been springing up but these are overwhelmingly private and often contain empty and underutilised flats.

Meanwhile, council homes, which provide decent and affordable housing for those on low incomes, are slated for demolition or sell-offs across the capital.

Action on Empty Homes is hosting London borough meetings to explore housing pressure in the capital - the Brent meeting on 27th May is being held jointly with Fairer Housing - Partners for Change:

FAIRER HOUSING – Partners for Change is working with ACTION ON EMPTY HOMES to bring about changes in housing policy in London. They say,

"We want to see more resources for local Councils to build rented homes; we want private
developers to build the right kind of homes; and we want empty homes to be put to good use.

Please join us on 27th May to look at these issues in more detail and see how we can work together to make change happen." 

27th May Meeting details:

Chair: Sahra Jama, Stream Skills Advancement

Speakers: Nimo Askar, L'Oreal Williams, Brent Residents

Councillor Margaret McLennan, Deputy Leader, Brent

Will McMahon, Director, Action of Empty Homes

Jacky Peacock, Advice for Renters

TIME: 6.30pm - 8pm

To download the information leaflet prepared with Fairer Housing in Brent CLICK HERE

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Booking for this event has now closed.