What is happening to London's housing supply and what can we do about it?

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London housing development is now dominated by frantic corporate and wealth investment activity, justified on the basis that without such investment we will not be able to provide the homes needed in the capital.

But the homes Londoners need are not being provided.

We see hundreds of new high-rise blocks springing up across the capital’s horizon, while numbers of empty and underutilised homes have grown to at least 120,000.

Meanwhile both street and hidden homelessness continue to rise, and huge numbers are trapped in temporary and overcrowded housing. 

Yet simultaneously tens of thousands of council homes, which provide decent and affordable housing for those on low incomes, are slated for demolition.

Covid-19 will impact hugely on housing supply in London. This challenges a failing status quo.

We have an opportunity to challenge the financialisation of housing supply and fundamentally redraw housing policy for the capital, to benefit those who are currently excluded from genuinley affordable housing. 


Rowland Atkinson - The Curse of Living in Alpha City

Rex McKenzie - Wealth chain investment in London

Loretta Lees - The erasure of council estates in London

There will be an hour for debate and discussion.

The event took place on Tuesday 21 July  7pm to 8.30pm

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For those who would like a copy of the slides used in the three introductory presentations you can download these:

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