Cities, mobile capital and housing vacancy

Join the Global Empty Homes Network’s discussion - playback available on Youtube now

The event took place on 9th September 2021

The Global Empty Homes Network (GEHN) is a coalition of like-minded NGOs, activists and academics, united by their desire to research and combat vacancy and the commodification of housing. Meetings in 2021 have been attended by participants from Brazil to Denmark and from Argentina to Australia.

Why we held this event on 9 September?

On 7 and 8 September, the annual MIPIM property conference will be taking place in Cannes, France. In the words of The Guardian’s Aditya Chakrabortty, MIPIM is an event ‘where big money developers invite town hall executives for secret discussions aboard private yachts, and whose regulars boast they get through more champagne than all the liggers at the film festival.’

GEHN held a global online event at 12PM BST, where the impacts of the ‘MIPIM’ development model will be discussed by policy makers, academics and housing activists in a roundtable format titled Cities, mobile capital and housing vacancy.

A 45-minute roundtable discussion was followed by a facilitated question and answer session for those watching the discussion on Facebook and YouTube.

How can I get involved?

Cities, mobile capital and housing vacancy was streamed live - you can view free on YouTube at this link:

Organisations, activists and academic researchers interested in joining the GEHN should contact [email protected] 

Those participating in the Network and setting an agenda for discussion include:

Helene Caloir               Director of the New York State Housing Stabilization fund

                                      at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Karl Fitzgerald              Director of Advocacy at Prosper Australia

Myriam Godoy             Observatorio del Derecho a la Ciudad, Buenos Aires

Jesper Ole Jensen        Senior Researcher at the Department of the Built Environment

                                       at the University of Aalborg, Denmark

Camila Jordan               Executive Director of TETO Brazil

Rex McKenzie               Senior lecturer at the Department of Economics, Kingston University, London.


Alan Mallach                 Senior Fellow at the Center for Community Progress, Michigan

Andy Moseley               Empty Homes Policy Officer at the Scottish Empty Homes Partnership

Samuel Stein                 Housing Policy Analyst at the Community Service Society of New York 


The discussion is facilitated by Will McMahon, Director of Action on Empty Homes, London.

Booking for this event has now closed.