The Campaign Against Empty Homes Coalition will be protesting against the waste of all empty homes on Saturday October 22nd 2022.

View the leaflet below or download it here - for hard copies email [email protected] - donations to offset postage and production costs are helpful and can be made here

From those left to rot, to those built to house nobody as Airbnb lets, second homes or luxury party flats.

From the city to the coast its time for change...

With 100,000 homeless families in insecure and often overcrowded Temporary Accommodation and 1.2million on the social housing waiting list our housing crisis isn't going to be solved by building the wrong housing.

We need to start building for local needs and not developer profits.

From the green belt to the greenfields and from city centres to coastal resorts, we desperately need to start building homes to meet local housing needs, not investment opportunities for Airbnb landlords and so-called 'second home' owners.